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Petr Hobža


The year was 1988 when the parents had a bright idea and placed a pile of sliced potatoes on a pan for the visitors to the outdoor cinema to have something tasty to eat together with their pint. None of them knew, though, that just a few years later they would be running a prosperous and acclaimed company famously known by everyone who has ever been to a pub.
The day 70 boxes of crisps sold out in just twenty minutes at a funfair implied that there might be a good future for these crisps. The plans were not so outstanding however. Like our father says: no need to rain when it’s pouring.
Time passed and our crisps were becoming more and more popular so we needed to produce larger amounts while maintaining the quality. Six kilos became forty tons, and we have never compromised on our quality. Looking for the best technology, we thoroughly built our production line ourselves piece by piece. That is why every single crisp tastes as good as those we made back in 1988.

Petr Hobža

Petr Hobža

Dear partners,
you will find out what makes the difference between our crisps and other crisps on
further lines. Before that I would like to thank you all in the name of our entire family.
Some of you we have known for more than twenty years. We believe it is good and
traditional relationships that make the solid foundations of our company’s values.
Quality that never changes; this has always been our essential point. We aim to produce
delicious crisps, have faultless production and focus on personal relationships, and we
have done so for nearly thirty years. We still say these cores and values are right and
we are going to stick to them. Not only are our crisps different, but also our story
and the character of our company. These haven’t changed a bit after years of changes
and innovations.

When my brother and I came to the company there was a small semi-automatic
production line and our visions were rather blurred. There was no time-tested
production process for crisps that we considered perfect; we had to create it. Together
with that, the vision of our future became much brighter.
We travelled to many countries, discovered various technologies and we came back
with the right combination. We built a modern production line that suits our demands
best. We know all of its sections. Our business results and the fact we are able to
produce vast amounts at the same quality speak for themselves.
We are proud of everything we have achieved with your help. Together we have built
a great company and I hope we will experience more.

Libor Hobža

Libor Hobža


We offer high-quality, classic, homemade potato chips. Our chips are produced using a traditional recipe that has been tested and perfected for over 20-years.

The year


Petr Hobža fries the first crisps for the visitors of his stall at the outdoor cinema in Strážnice.




What we produce is crisps not chips. It just wouldn’t be us if we weren’t a bit mad when somebody confuses us for anything else than crisps. But it is not only us who can taste the difference. Our crisps
are the choice of consumers and win tests and other awards. This obviously confirms people like our crisps. All our crisps have been awarded with KLASA mark by the Czech Ministry of agriculture. This is given only to the products that are clearly better than other goods of the kind. The requirements for the mark to get are verified production standards and extraordinary ingredients.

KLASA products are of superior and consistent quality, unique recipe and everybody knows it is a good choice. To be specific we are holders of IFS and HACCP certificates.


  • Where can you buy our products?

    Our crisps are available in the outlets of these stores:  Albert Supermarket, Albert Hypermarket, Billa ČR, Globus ČR, Kaufland ČR, Lidl ČR, Makro Cash&Carry, Penny Market ČR, TESCO ČR, BILLA SK a METRO Cash&Carry SK, JIP, Čepos, Jednota (some of them), DLC and Delikomat machines

  • What makes the difference between chips and our crisps?

    The difference is technological. Chips are washed in warm water before they are fried (blanching), which means they lose their natural and characteristic potato flavour. Starch and sugar is removed from potatoes and processing is easier. Wider potato variety may be used in chips production.

    Our crisps are processed in a different and more sophisticated way. We use centrifuge to remove water from potatoes, which is far more complicated and unique process. The development of that had taken our company 15 years but it gives our crisps the right aroma and makes them so uniqe.

  • Do you also ship your products?

    Mostly yes. In case there is bad availability of our products in the region we send them via Czech Post.

  • What standards do our products meet?

    Our products meet the criteria of certified system HACCP and IFS. All our products are also marked with KLASA brand which is issued by the Czech Ministry of agriculture. We are the first and only holders of the KLASA brand in the Czech republic.

  • What oil is used for the frying of our products? Why we insist on avoiding palm and sunflower oil?


    Our company uses only czech 100% rape oil. The reason is uniqe taste of the final product even though its price is higher and frying is more difficult.

    Composition of fatty acids in selected vegetable oils in %:

      Oil   SAFA    TFA    MUFA    PUFA  
            Omega 3    Omega 6 
      Rape 8 1 61 9 20
      Olive 15 75 1 9
      Sunflower 12 1 25,5 0,5 61
      Soya 16 23 7 53
      Palm 50  0,5 40  9,5
      Coconut 90  3

    Soya and sunflower oil contains the highest share of PUFA.

    There are so called tropical oils available on the market (palm and coconut). These oils have very big share of saturated fatty acids that they can be compared with tallow (palm oil) or butter (coconut oil).

    Olive oil can be considered the king of oils as it contains high amount of MUFA (75%) From our research of normally used oils we determined that rape oil is the winner. The composition of oil is very close to olive oil but the it brings our crisps better taste.  From latest scientific findings the composition of rape oil is even better then the composition of olive oil. Rape oil contains very little amount of SAFA (circa 8%) and bigger share of MUFA (around 61%), which is close to recommended ratio of essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. We ship our goods to the desired place around all the Czech republic and Slovakia. Smaller amount of goods can be sent via collect on delivery service whic is paid by us.  Our products are suitable for any types of pubs and wine cellars as they are excellent snack on most occasions.

You wrote us
Nicholas | 11.10.2018 | 18:45

Do you ship to California or have a method of purchase?

Libor Hobža | 05.09.2018 | 10:27

April, we are shipping containers to the US in September to Universal Yumms company.

Ewa, you can buy our products in Kaulfand PL, but not the garlic flavour.

Piotr, please let us know about your feeling with another purchase, i am pretty sure, you will be satisfied.

We have a distribution in Budapest at the moment, please write me an email info@hobza.cz , i will send you contact.

Balázs | 02.09.2018 | 22:26

Your chips is excellent. The best chips in my last 5 years. I would like to try out more from them.
Unfortunately u r not available in Hungary.

Piotr from Poland | 27.08.2018 | 23:00

I tried Pepper and salt. IMO too much salt. I suggest 1,5% salt, instead 3%

Ewa | 31.07.2018 | 21:55

Hello ;) Is it possible to buy your products in Poland? I can’t forget the taste of garlic crisps in Czech Moravia... in fact everything from this region was great ;)

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