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What are we from ...

'There is a saying: “What is Czech is nice.” We, the Hobžas, have modified the saying slightly, and we claim that “What is Czech is tasty.” This is why we strive to use as many Czech ingredients as possible in the manufacturing of our Hobža's Strážnické brambůrky and Moravské brambůrky, be it potatoes, rapeseed oil, or packaging material.

As far as ingredients for the manufacturing of our crisps are concerned, these two questions are the most common:'

Where do you get your potatoes?

We increase the share of Czech potatoes used in the manufacturing of our crisps every year. But consider this: since we process roughly 40 tons of potatoes in our Strážnice plant every day, it is simply impossible to purchase potatoes only from Czech suppliers. Otherwise no potatoes would be left for you to enjoy in salads or as fries! Despite this, Czech potatoes make up 70–80% of the total. The rest is imported from Hungary, France, or Germany.

What oil do you use?

Do you also study product packaging to make sure they don’t contain palm oil? You can put Hobža's Strážnické brambůrky or Moravské brambůrky into your shopping basket and be sure that no palm oil is used in their manufacturing. They are deep-fried in 100% Czech rapeseed oil. This is due to us not wanting to support the devastation of rainforests, and also due to the fact that rapeseed oil helps create the unmistakable taste of our crisps.